The Pitt Meadows Garden Club


Fawn Lily

Welcome to the Club

Established in 2000, we meet monthly on the 3rd Monday of each month, at the Pitt Meadows Heritage Church Hall on the corner of Harris Road and Ford Road in Pitt Meadows.
Announcements and speakers are advertised in local newspapers in advance.  Doors open at 6:45 p.m.

Guest speakers share their knowledge and expertise with members in a wide area of the horticulture field.
For example:  landscaping, pruning, seedlings, perennials, annuals, arboriculture, etc.

Refreshments and a chance to socialize with other members are followed by the business portion of the meeting.
Future events and group outings are discussed by all members.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that the Pitt Meadows Garden Club recognizes the White Fawn Lily, Erythronium oregonum, as its official flower?

The Fawn Lily is found on the west coast of British Columbia to California. It is generally found at low elevations and inhabits well drained soils in open grassy areas and rocky woodlands.

The Fawn Lily can be reproduced by dividing the bulbs and through seed germination. Look for them on your next nature walk in Pitt Meadows!

To learn more interesting fact about plants and other garden related information… visit us at our next meeting.


-  Newsletters, featuring horticultural articles and announcements.

-  Guest Speakers.

-  Educational materials: magazines, handouts, and articles.

-  Special events: Garden Tours, Plant and Bake Sale, summer BBQ, and Christmas Banquet.

-  Discounts: corporate member sponsors offer members discounts.

-  10 Meetings per year.

-  $20 per member or $35 per couple.

Member Involvement

There are many ways to get involved with the Garden Club. Members are always welcome to help out with:

Hosting Open House Gardens:

Some members sign up to open their gardens to members for viewing.


Participation on committees is encouraged to help facilitate club activities, refreshments, fundraising, education, publications and communication.

Executive Board:

Members are welcome to attend the executive meetings as guests and observers and may join as positions come available.


The Pitt Meadows Garden Club is a proud member and insured under the B.C. Council of Garden Clubs.